Tisova Copper/Cobalt Project

Tisova Copper/Cobalt Project, Tisova, Czech Republic/German border

The Tisova project is located on the Czech/German border hosted by the Kraslice Sequence, a Cambrian-age continental rift of sediments and volcanics. The Tisova VMS system has been tentatively identified as existing over 1.9 km down dip and 2.0 km along strike. Within the Kraslice Sequence, discrete copper/cobalt bearing VMS horizons appear to occur within a 100m thick assemblage termed the Tisova Horizon. 21C Metal’s geologists, working with recognized world experts in VMS deposits, have developed a preliminary exploration signature for copper/cobalt on the property. It is currently thought that there maybe be as much as a prospective 30 km belt.

There is a long history of mining in the area, making the logistics for exploration straightforward. Similarly, the regulatory environment has a long established regime, allowing for certainty in this regard.

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